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The Personal English Trainer Advantage

Benefits of taking private lessons

Working with 'me', your Personal English Trainer, you will enjoy the advantage of a customized course of study, highly personalized fun and stimulating lessons, the flexibility to Pay-as-you-Go, NO registration fees, and NO expensive proprietary textbooks.

Your lesson will focus on 'your' learning needs, and progress at 'your' learning speed.

I will maximize the effectiveness of your lesson time by maximizing your speaking time. I will improve your weak points while allowing  your strong areas to flourish.

The Personal English Training System

Personal English Training lesson system is designed to encourage you to study.  One of the biggest reasons why students fail to progress is lack of frequency using the language.  Taking lessons regularly and frequently establishes good practice and results in sustained development of your English.

It is common for eikaiwa students to cancel or postpone lessons during their course, and then rush to use up all their lessons near the deadline of their lesson contract. This is NOT efficient, it is a poor way to learn, and it is a waste of students money.

At Personal English Training, subscribe to the monthly membership plan which suits your schedule. The Membership plan is called myStudyClub. There are different levels of membership available to suit your study needs (myStudyClub LIGHT, myStudyClub SILVER, myStudyClub GOLD, myStudyClub PAIR).  Lessons included in the membership plans are used each month and cannot be carried over to the next month.  You can of course change your study plan before the end of each month to accommodate changes in your schedule.  If you want to take additional lessons during the month, you can book extra lessons at a discounted rate with your personal discount code.

To maintain a strong relationship with each student, the number of students I work with is limited to 10-20 students. Only  a limited number of places are available for students in myStudyClub 

 to let me focus on the individual learning needs and progress of each student, and provide me enough preparation time for each students lessons.

By having the same instructor for each lesson, I can quickly learn your strengths and weaknesses, I will be aware of your previous study record, thereby knowing what you have learned and where you are still making mistakes.

Limiting the number of students also allows more flexibility for students when choosing a date/time to book their lesson.

At some eikaiwa instructors are often overworked and burnt out, teaching up to 12 lessons per day with 12 different students.  Furthermore, students may have a different teacher almost every lesson which prevents continuity and familiarity.

At Personal English Training, I try to keep it ....well.... personal.

School Application


The choice is yours:

Located in Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, mylearningstudio provides a relaxing learning environment to enjoy your lessons only 5mins from Hakusan Station or 5mins from Todaimae Station. However, lessons can be taken almost anywhere including the student's home, student's office, a cafe or other location suitable for learning.  The choice is yours!

NOTE:  Lessons at other locations (student's home, office, cafe, etc) require prior arrangement and may attract additional fees for travelling and Trainer's time.  This can be discussed during the initial English Health Check.


Fully Flexible:

At Personal English Training I use the latest versions of popular textbooks published by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan, Pearson, etc. I will recommend material according to your needs.

I have preferred and recommended material, however you are welcome to use any material or textbook that you like. Feel free to bring a textbook you are currently using, your current or old eikaiwa textbook, your work materials, e-mails, reports or presentation slides, a magazine or newspaper; or NO textbook, lets focus on and practice General Conversation.


Join Now:

Step 1: Book your English Health Check.

Step 2:  Fill out a pre-English Health Check form.

Step 3:  Attend your English Health Check. I will assess your level, conduct a needs-analysis, and consult with you to decide your course of study.

Step 4:  Choose your myStudyClub Membership plan. - LIGHT, SILVER, GOLD, or PAIR.

Step 5:  Book your lessons! Enjoy studying English and achieve your language goals.

If you have any questions or you’re interested in learning more, simply get in touch.

Online Shopping

✓ NO Application Fee


Yen Bills and Coins

✓ NO Expensive In-house Textbooks


Credit Card

✓ Pay as you go


Case Study*

Senior Businessman

Akiko K.

Age:     35-40

Occupation:     Lending Officer

Company:     Bank

English Study Background: 

  • Japanese School system,

  • US university (California) 1yr,

  • Private Language School 2yrs

  • Uses English sometimes in current job (email, meetings, etc)

Reason for study:

  • New boss is from UK. Would like to transfer to overseas office in future

Recommended Study Course:

Lesson 1-2:     Conversation & Fluency Practice

Lesson 3-4:     Grammar Review (Main Tenses, etc)

Lesson 7~ :     Textbook - Market Leader (Intermediate).

                         Supplement with checking her biz emails & meeting


Yoshi Y

Age:   55-60

Occupation:   Assistant Manager GA Department

Company:    Chemicals Company

English Study Background:

  • Japanese School System

  • Private Language School 3-4yrs

  • Overseas job transfer - London 2yrs, Singapore 4yrs, US 2yrs​

  • Regularly uses English in his job, Reports to global head of department​

Reason for study:

  • Maintain his English level, Improve business vocabulary & idioms

Recommended Study Course:

Newspaper/Magazine Articles of his choice

Supplementary Text:  Business Vocabulary (Advanced)

+ Work on American Business Idioms


Yukiko I

Age:     Secret

Occupation:     Housewife

Company:     N/A

English Study Background: 

  • Japanese School system,

  • Private Language School (10yrs ago)

Reason for study:

  • Travel, watch movies, chat with foreign friends

Recommended Study Course

Textbook:  Four Corners Level 1

Supplement with English Conversation

Addditional Text for self-study: Basic Grammar in Use

Maki & Yumi

Age:     25-35

Relationship:    Friends

English Study Background: 

  • Japanese School system,

  • Private Language Schools Tokyo/Nagoya

  • Overseas job assignment (Maki - 2yrs)

Reason for study:

  • Travel, Discuss issues, Meet friends

Recommended Study Course:

Lesson 1-2:    Grammar Review (Main Tenses) 

Lesson 3~      Textbook: Hot Topics 2

                         Supplement with Free Conversation

*Case studies are representative only.  *ケーススタディは代表的なものです。

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