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What is Personal English Training?


Personal English Training is a study program to suit your needs and your learning style.


Who is my teacher?


Your teacher is Chris, 'The Personal English Trainer', a private freelance Instructor with over 20years ESL experience who will identify your current language strengths and weaknesses, prepare a study plan, and work with you, motivate you and teach you to achieve your English study goals.

あなたの先生はクリスです。 20年以上のESL経験を持つプライベートフリーランスインストラクター「パーソナルイングリッシュトレーナー」。 現在の言語の長所と短所を特定し、学習計画を作成して協力し、意欲を高め、英語の学習目標を達成するように教えます。

Where can I take my lesson?


You can take your lesson in your home, in your office, in a cafe, or at my private learning studio, called 'mylearningstudio'.

All visits or lessons in 'mylearningstudio' are by appointment only.

Lessons taken off-site must be pre-arranged and may incur travel costs for the Instructors time and transportation.



What is the benefit of using Personal English Training?

I provide more personalised private lessons and study programs.

I will adapt lessons to your level and learning style.  I will adapt the lesson style to be fun or serous according to your preference. I will help you, encourage you, motivate you, and challenge you.

Your course will be more customized, your speaking time will be maximized, your training will be adapted as you progress according to your needs, and you will achieve your language goals quicker.

And  finally, you will enjoy your lessons.

There are NO registration fees, NO overpriced in-house textbooks, and you can Pay-As-You-Go, which means you can start and stop studying at the end of the current myStudyClub month.

You can also change your StudyClub membership plan at the end of the mont to match changes in your work and daily life schedule

Where should I start?


Step 1:

Request an English Health Check to assess your current level.  英語の健康診断を予約します。

In the English Health Check you will meet and consult with me, your trainer, we will discuss your English language goals, and decide your course of study.


Step 2:

Agree to a few basic terms and conditions.  基本的な利用規約に同意します。

Step 3:

Choose your Lesson Training Membership Plan - myStudy Club LIGHT, myStudy Club SILVER, myStudy Club GOLD, or myStudyClub PAIR.

レッスントレーニングメンバーシッププランを選択します-myStudyClub LIGHT、myStudyClub SILVER、myStudyClub GOLD、またはmyStudyClubPAIR。

Step 4:

Book your lessons and enjoy English!  レッスンを予約して、英語をお楽しみください。

Note: For corporate inquiries please contact me directly.  会社からのお問い合わせは直接ご連絡ください。

What is 'mylearningstudio'?


'mylearningstudio' is your learning studio.  It is your classroom where you can take a lesson in a clean, calm relaxed environment conducive for study.

It is located in Bunkyo-ku, 5mins from Hakusan Station (Toei Mita Line) and 5mins from Todaimae Station (Namboku Line).  You will be provided the address and access map when you book your English Health Check.

'mylearningstudio'はあなたの学習スタジオです。 それはあなたの教室です。 勉強に役立つ、清潔で落ち着いたリラックスした環境でレッスンを受けることができます。

文京区にあり、白山駅(都営三田線)から5分、東大前駅(南北線)から5分。 English Health Checkを予約すると、住所とアクセスマップが提供されます。

All visits to mylearningstudio are by appointment only.  mylearningstudioへの訪問は予約制です。

What materials/textbooks do you use?


I use materials published by major international publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Pearson, MacMillan etc.

Oxford University Press、Cambridge University Press、Pearson、MacMillanなどの主要な国際的な出版社によって発行された資料を使用しています。

I can also use your current or old textbook. If you have a book, please bring it to your English Health Check and I will evaluate it.

現在または古い教科書を使用することが可能です。 本をお持ちの場合は、English Health Checkにご持参ください。 それをチェックします。

Some students use newspaper or magazine articles, or their work materials as a base for their lesson.


Finally, many students do not want to use a textbook. They just want to enjoy conversation and discussion about various topics. Free conversation.

最後に、多くの学生は教科書を使いたがりません。 彼らは、さまざまなトピックについての会話やディスカッションを楽しみたいだけです。 フリートークすることができます。

It's flexible!   柔軟性があります!

If you still have a question that wasn't answered here? Contact me, I'm happy to help.

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